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2017 TAYSHAS List

2017 TAYSHAS Reading List (pdf)   Annotated List (docx)

Author Title of Book
Ahern, Cecelia Flawed
Avery, Lara The Memory Book
Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen
Bardugo, Leigh Six of Crows
Berry, Julie The Passion of Dolssa
Blake, Kendare Three Dark Crowns
Buxbaum, Julie Tell Me Three Things
Carmeron, Sharon The Forgetting
Cavallaro, Brittany A Study in Charlotte
Chee, Traci The Reader*
Chokshi, Roshani The Star-Touched Queen
Donnelly, Jennifer These Shallow Graves
Elliott, Kate Court of Fives*
Federle, Tim The Great American Whatever
Gilbert,Kelly Loy Conviction
Glasgow, Kathleen Girl in Pieces*
Goodman, Alison The Dark Days Club
Hall, Tim Shadow of the Wolf
Hamilton, Alwyn Rebel of the Sands
Hand, Cynthia My Lady Jane
Hartzler, Aaron What We Saw
Headley, Maria Dahvana Magonia
Hitchcock, Bonnie-Sue The Smell of Other People’s Houses*
Hutchinson, Shaun David We Are the Ants
Jennings, Jazz Being Jazz
Johnston, E.K. Exit, pursued by a bear
Jude, Sarah The May Queen Murders
Kaufman, Amie Illuminae
Kennedy, Katie Learning to Swear in America
Kephart, Beth This is the Story of You
Klass, David Losers Take All
Kraus, Daniel The Death and life of Zebulon Finch
Lackey, Mercedes Hunter
Laure, Estelle This Raging Light
Louis Bayard Lucky Strikes
Lubar, David Character, Driven
Mabry, Samantha A Fierce and Subtle Poison
Mackler, Carolyn Infinite in between
McCarthy, Cori You Were Here
McGinnis, Mindy The Female of the Species
McLemore, Anna-Marie The Weight of Feathers
Mead, Richelle The Glittering Court
Medina, Meg Burn Baby Burn*
Miranda, Megan The Safest Lies
Ness, Patrick The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Niven, Jennifer Holding Up the Universe
O’Guilin, Peadar The Call
Oliver, Lauren Replica*
Patel, Sonia Rani Patel in Full Effect*
Pinkney, Andrea Davis Rhythm Ride  A Road Trip Through the Motown Sound
Pung, Alice Lucy & Linh
Quick, Matthew Every Exquisite Thing
Reynolds, Jason and Brendan Kiely All American Boys
Roehrig, Caleb Last Seen Leaving
Russo, Meredith If I Was Your Girl
Savit, Gavriel Anna and the Swallow Man
Schlitz, Laura Amy The Hired Girl
Schmidt, Gary D. Orbiting Jupiter
Sepetys, Ruta Salt to the Sea*
Silvera, Adam More Happy Than Not
Skye, Evelyn The Crown’s Game
Smith, Amber The Way I Used to Be
Starmer, Aaron Spontaneous
Stork, Francisco X The Memory of Light
Sullivan, Tara Bitter Side of Sweet
Taylor, Janet B Into The Dim
Thomas, Kara The Darkest Corners
Watson, Renee This Side of Home
Whaley, John Corey Highly Illogical Behavior
White, Kiersten And I Darken
Winters, Cat The Steep and Thorny Way
Wright, David and Luc Bouchard Away Running
Wynne-Jones, Tim The Emperor of Any Place*
Zentner, Jeff The Serpent King**

*Designates TAYSHAS Top Ten Books** : The top ten books were selected by the committee from the titles receiving a unanimous vote in the initial voting process.
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