Tour of the Library

Today I got to sport a hard hat (that didn’t fit!) and take a tour of Tompkins HS. All I can say is…INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait for our students to walk the halls of this gorgeous building! I can hear the oohs and ahhs right now!

As I knew would be the case, the library is the bomb! Here are some pictures from my visit today:

Doors from the main hallway that lead into the library.


Looking towards the door to the main hallway of the school.

View from behind the circulation desk.

Need to charge your device? No problem!

Entrance to the library from the main entry way into the school.

View of the library from the 2nd floor hallway windows.

View of the library from the 2nd floor windows.


Although these stairs are not in the library, I had to walk up them to get to the 2nd floor windows to take the picture above. Needless to say, I walked very carefully. 🙂

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